Avoid Cisco feature creep counsels Nortel enterprise director

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Tony Rybczynski
Nortel Enterprise Director - Tony Rybczynski, counsels data networkers in his most recent blog entry to be proactive with regard to: Avoiding (Cisco) Feature Creep Tony advises that you: "Figure out what you want, or pay a consultant to help define your needs (not just create feature lists) and then get the facts on performance, energy consumption and reliability."

Furthermore, Tony counsels: "Unfortunately, data networkers buy technology based on the Cisco feature list (who have hundreds of features that seldom are used by any given customer) rather than on their feature requirements." "As a result, they pay premium prices, and create unnecessary complexity which can impact performance, security, reliability and TCO." "On reliability alone, it’s no secret that software complexity (multiple versions of IOS, features you don’t use, and resulting config errors) is a major contributor to failures."

Do YOU agree with Tony that avoiding Cisco feature creep is important?

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