Performance Optimization Services from BT Global Services and Cable & Wireless

Continuing our ongoing look at the performance optimization service lineup from the world's carriers, this week we scrutinize offerings from BT Global Services (formerly Infonet), and Cable & Wireless.

BT Global Services' performance optimization service, delivered under the Applications Assured Infrastructure service line name, offers a monitoring as well as a control and acceleration service. BT's Applications Assured Infrastructure Monitoring service uses Compuware to measure the user experience, application performance and server health. This service is available with or without customer premises-based agents.

BT's Applications Assured Infrastructure Optimization service uses Ipanema's technology to control as well as accelerate application performance. The Optimization service identifies WAN applications, provides bandwidth usage information by application, dynamically optimizes performance by adjusting throughput to favor critical applications, and selectively accelerates applications. The optimization service has two variants--one for BT Global Services VPN customers and the other for customers using non-BT WAN infrastructure.  

In addition to its managed ADS service suite, BT Global Services also offers a sophisticated array of professional services for auditing as well as managing application performance.

In February of 2008, Cable & Wireless announced an application performance management service add-on to its IP VPN offering. The packaged service - which is available for on-net, off-net, and hybrid network infrastructure customers - builds on Ipanema and/or Cisco capabilities. Cable & Wireless also offers a customized (or bespoke at the Brits call it) acceleration service built around Riverbed. 

Malcolm Seagrave, Cable & Wireless' head of Security and Application Services told us that the offering was created in response to what he calls "a big drive" among the carrier's customers to consolidate data centers. He also mentioned that the carrier is planning to announce an advanced application performance diagnostics package. Cable & Wireless provides a paid proof-of-concept trial - with a matching discount should a customer choose to purchase the service.

The new packaged service mirrors offerings from other carriers by providing bandwidth usage information by application, dynamically optimizing performance by adjusting throughput to favor critical applications, and selectively accelerating applications.  Cable & Wireless tells us they will provide case-by-case guaranteed "bandwidth availability" SLAs for on-net links.  Managed Riverbed boxes provide even more acceleration.

Next week we plan to wrap up our series on carrier-provided distributed application delivery system services with offerings by Swisscom and Telindus.  Let us know if we have missed any offerings other carriers may have in the works, and we'll profile those as well.

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