Where is the Cisco chief technology officer?

Cisco - Where is the Chief Technology Officer?
Last December 4th, yours truly blogged about Motorola Deadwood - Padmasree Warrior being appointed CTO of Cisco as well as Warrior's brilliant blog entry that panned the introduction of the Apple iPhone. The 85th comment to Warrior's initial and since then only Cisco blog entry was from former Motorola employee John Williams: I'd like to congratulate you on your move to Motorola. As a former Motorola employee I firmly hope you bring the same level of quality, vision, and leadership to Cisco as you showed at Motorola. That vision being incorrectly parroting the views of your subordinates as your own and massively misjudging your industry. Your leadership with smartphones and views on the unimportance of touchscreens was really spectacular. -John

Yours truly has not heard a peep about Padmasree Warrior in the months since her initial December 4th, 2007 Cisco blog entry.

Padmasree Warrior
It now appears that Warrior will be a speaker at the World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship which commences in Dubai, UAE this year on April Fools' Day. "The industry experts participating in the WSIE are amongst the best the World," said Padmasree Warrior - Cisco Chief Technology Officer. "These business savvy visionaries will outline the thrills and challenges in bringing innovation to markets."

Warrior's tenure as Cisco CTO has been eerily quiet. What do YOU think is the reason for this deafening silence?

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