Google prankster sitting this one out?

The company itself may have given April Fools Day its best shot, but Google's spam-fighting blogger Matt Cutts says he's had enough of such merriment and is sitting out this year's festivities.

Too bad, too, because Cutts definitely has a knack for the practice, witness the time he replaced Google CEO Eric Schmidt's intranet photo with that of NewsRadio funnyman Stephen Root, and last year when he pretended his blog got hacked.

Of course, his post yesterday professing a personal cease-fire could be nothing but a diversionary tactic. You can't believe anything anyone says today.

(Update: Turns out my hunch about the diversionary tactic was correct. Cutts copped to the ruse. Seems you can't keep an April Fools fool down, unless you believe the iPhone has magical powers that allow it to connect to anything or that Cutts really has a Firefox tatoo on the back of his neck.)

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