Cisco Mobility VP admits that he does not really know what the term Fixed Mobile Convergence means

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Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen - Cisco Mobility Vice President, admits in the video interview below, that he does not really know what the term Fixed Mobile Convergence means. He also believes the more interesting story is when your data becomes mobile. Finally, Alan concludes that we're too early in the whole FMC thing.

Alan's Video Interview Highlights

Webex is everywhere and in all of Cisco's plans, deployed and in use throughout corporate Cisco, but most importantly Webex is fusing with Cisco Unified Communcations making it deliverable whether on the road, in the cloud or on the premises.
End-users will have a consistent and coherent level of communication capabilities wherever they are, but it won't be seamless, did you hear that Padmasree Warrior?
WebEx fused with Unified Communications will make you start to think about UC capabilities in the same way you think about widgets.
Cisco's acquisition of Securent will allow companies to become a lot more seamless in how they integrate their communication capabilities and IT systems with other companies.
Presence is yesterday's story, informed meta-tagging presence is the future story.
Cisco will be making social networking technologies safe and reliable for business (Cisco's job is to skate to where the puck is going, not to where the puck is).
Cisco Unified Application Environment allows people to create applications on top of the Cisco UC environment allowing customers to choose perhaps better versions of Cisco's own applications.

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