Little things that eat up my time…

This might be a strange post.  But, I felt the need to vent about the many little things that seem to always eat up my time.  For example, the other day I was installing Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows Server 2008 machine.  And, for some reason the installation kept bombing.  Looking through the event logs, I kept getting some nifty LDAP errors:

Log Name:      ApplicationSource:        MSExchange ADAccessDate:          4/15/2008 9:22:28 AMEvent ID:      2114Description:Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGYSERVICE.EXE (PID=1540). Topology discovery failed, error 0x80040a02 (DSC_E_NO_SUITABLE_CDC). Look up the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) error code specified in the event description. To do this, use Microsoft Knowledge Base article 218185, "Microsoft LDAP Error Codes." Use the information in that article to learn more about the cause and resolution to this error. Use the Ping or PathPing command-line tools to test network connectivity to local domain controllers.

But, other than these messages, and some other funky errors in the ExchangSetup.log, there really wasn't a clear indication why the install was craping out.  At first, I attempted to troubleshoot the issue.  But, an hour or two later of double checking things, looking for any more indications to as what might possibly be wrong, the root cause eluded me.  Needless to say I was frustrated.

So, considering that Google is my best friend during times of frustration.  I decided to scour the web to see if anyone else had encountered this problem.  Well, within five minutes of searching, I had found my answer.  You see, being versed in the ways of reducing one's attack foot print, I like to strip my operating system installations of any unused services.  IPv6 is something that really isn't being used at this junction in time and I had disabled it.  Oddly enough, per some comments on a discussion posting that I found, it seemed that Exchange Server 2007 needed IPv6 enabled on a Windows Server 2008 machine.  Thus after re-enabling IPv6, the installation went through without a hitch.

My RantWTF!  First off, why the heck would IPV6 be a requirement?  Secondly, if it's a requirement... then clearly tell me.  Or better yet, give me an error message that states: "Hey stupid re-enable IPv6."  Instead, the errors that were thrown made absolutely no sense in relation to the root cause.  Hence the title of this blog is: "Things that eat up my time."

Little things like this seem to fill up a large part of my day.  Whether it's battling Microsoft Project and its date changing ways, to Google and its belief that almost every search I conduct is from an automated bot, to having to reboot my Windows Mobile device (everyday), to... well Vista.  Isn't technology supposed to improve your productivity instead presenting more barriers?

With that... I just got a really great offer from Joseph Poon.  Apparently, he has a lot of money that he wants to handle with me:

Dear friend,

I am Mr Joseph Poon i work with HANG SENG BANK HONG KONG I have a Business of $22,400,000.00 for you to handle with me from my bank,If interested please send me your full Contact Details and after that I shall provide you with more details of this operation.

Regards Joseph Poon

Dude... you are not even trying, that 419 email sucked.

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