Xobni Rumored As Next Microsoft Acquisition

TechCrunch is reporting that Outlook email plug-in company Xobni and Microsoft have a letter of intent to acquire Xobni. That would make sense why Xobni hasn't exited beta status, offering a release version of the plug-in. If you aren't familiar with Xobni, I blogged about Xobni when I first came across it.

Xobni is a social networking plugin for Outlook that digs into your Outlook PST file, exposing connections and conversations you've had through email directly and indirectly with others. Unlike many other "cool" tools or plug-ins, Xobni has stood the "usefulness" test on my computer and still remains in action today.

That's mainly because Xobni compliments they way you use email and adds a lot of value, instead of forcing your to change your habits to get a few useful benefits like most productivity software.

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