Vyatta: Cisco's product line remains locked up tighter than Fort Knox

This morning Vyatta will be announcing the fourth major release of their open network operating system, Vyatta Community Edition 4 (VC4). In anticipation of this new release, Vyatta VP Dave Roberts prepared an interesting graph for his blog, Open Source Juicer, that compared networking vendors with two dimensions for openness: hardware and software. According to Dave, along each dimension, there are (at least) four degrees of openness. In Dave's graph, Cisco appears to be in a Twilight Zone dimension created by Rod Serling himself! Networking Openness Landscape Graph:

Networking Openness Landscape Graph

Dave Roberts
"In April 2008, Cisco announced its Application eXtension Platform (AXP) program," said Dave Roberts Vyatta VP. "This is another good example of a country-club API paired with an x86-based blade to plug into proprietary hardware." "Of course, the AXP is only available on the ISR series." "The rest of Cisco's product line remains locked up tighter than Fort Knox and finds itself down in the Proprietary/Proprietary category." View the rest of Dave's blog story

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Do YOU agree with Dave placing Cisco in the Proprietary/Proprietary category?

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