How to change the IP address of the Cisco Emergency Responder Server

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The Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER) helps to manage emergency calls in the telephony network so that you can respond to these calls effectively and so that you can comply with local ordinances that concern how emergency calls are handled. In North America, these local ordinances are called enhanced 911, or E911. Other countries and locales possibly have similar such ordinances. The change of the IP Address of the Cisco ER Server does not require any special consideration. In order to change the IP Address, complete these steps:

1. Change the IP Address through TCP/IP in network connections. There is no need to stop or re-start the servers.
2. Update the host/lmhost files.
3. If you add the new switch addresses, then run the full tracking in order to resolve the new switch and phones.

For more information refer to: Cisco Emergency Responder Administration Guide

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