Ron Nutter's Job Hunt: Day 33: Close but no cigar

Day 33

Got a call from Tri Com Technical.  The recruiter is sending me her

contact info and the job description to look at.  She asked that I get

back with her as soon as I have looked at what she is sending me.

Got a call from Paige Tech LLC about a position with Forest T. Jones.  He

is going to email me his contact information and the job details.  He

asked that I call him back as soon as I have gone over that.

Looked at the position from Tri Com Technical.  They want programming

experience along with everything else.  I have done a little batch file

scripting but nothing past that.  It also requires up to 100% travel.

This is a little more than I am comfortable with.  A little bit is fine

but I have had a position in the past that required 100% for

about 8 months.  Not really anxious to go down that road again.

Talked to Betty at Tri Com Technical.  The position calls for someone with application server experience. I have a little experience in that area, but nowhere near what this position is looking

for.  She will keep me in mind for anything that comes up in the future.

Talked to Jeff Bluitt from Paige Tech LLC.  He had gone over my resume

with the account manager for the client.  I did some minor revisions to

reflect my work with SANs from Compaq, Digital and Left Hand Networks.

Sent those to him.  They have a meeting with the client on Monday.  They

will present me to the client at that point.  Should hear something from

him sometime next week.

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