Yahoogle! Yahoo Goes Gah Gah For Google

So who predicted Yahoogle, the Yahoo plus Google announcement ? Like politics, competitive threats make for strange bedfellows. I guess that puts even more truth to the saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It could be no truer in this case. I guess in this case we have a modified version; the competitor of my competitor is my savior.

Is this a sign that the search engine market is consolidating down to one Yahoogle search option? No, probably not. This is about Yahoo searching for a temporary jump in stock price, a stock market poison pill to increase Yahoo's price, making them just a little bit too expensive for Microsoft to swallow.

There's so much irony in this situation, it's funny. First Google cried out claims of monopolistic behaviors when Microsoft went after Google. Now Microsoft's GC makes the same claims about consolidating the search market, declairing Yahoogle an anti-competitive move. Oh my, the irony is flowing everywhere. lol

This is only a two week test of Yahoo sending some 2-3% of their searches through AdSense and in theory the test will be over.

Given the ingeniousness of this, I'm just curious to see what the next move will be. Maybe Yahoo will white label Google's App Engine offering. Now that would be a thumb in the other eye of Microsoft.

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