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Yahoo! and AOL

Jerry Yang
The Wall Street Journal all things digital personality - Kara Swisher, reported her conversations with a half-dozen top Yahoo! executives who met for lunch on Thursday with Cisco Board Director and Yahoo! CEO - Jerry Yang. The topic of the executive lunch meeting was the merger deal Jerry was cooking up between Yahoo! and AOL. According to Swisher, none of the top Yahoo! executives voiced their concerns to Jerry about his proposed merger deal with AOL.

However, Jerry's bashful executive team definitely offered their opinions to Swisher about Jerry's proposed Yahoo! merger deal with AOL:

"It is a very dangerous game of chicken, and Yahoo has never been really good at that anyway."
"We have enough problems without getting theirs, which are much worse. No one here, except Jerry and the board, has any enthusiasm for it."
"I cannot believe they would put our amazing assets with those who we don’t really respect, for the most part, and think that’s OK."
"We are tired of all the noise and the angling [of this takeover] and most of us just want something to get done... This is completely distracting for employees and makes it hard to manage the big businesses we all have."
"Look, Microsoft would not be my first choice either, but AOL is not even my third."

Why do YOU think the top Yahoo! executive team is so bashful around Cisco Board Director and Yahoo! CEO - Jerry Yang?

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