Google + Salesforce = Increased Google App Usage

Google and Salesforce are announcing support for Google Apps within Salesforce. (See the Google and Salesforce sites.) On the one hand, I'm a bit surprised that Salesforce didn't have support for Google Apps already, given Salesforce's No Software mantra and their drumbeat for SaaS software.

This is one of the strongest validations by another major software company that Google Apps has sufficient use to warrant support within Salesforce's offerings. The announced integration looks much like what the Salesforce plug-in for Microsoft Outlook has been doing for some time, though I'd guess the plug-in likely still has more functionality. It is interesting, and it makes sense, that another On Demand software company would announce support for Google Apps.

Is this the first sign of the floodgates opening? Will there be a deluge of Google App support announcements coming from other vendors? I think we'll see more announcements but doubt we'll be overrun by them, at least in the short term.

While the Salesforce announcement itself isn't going to put a big dent in Microsoft product sales, it's one more drip in Google's Chinese water torture strategy to erode Microsoft's revenue stream of traditional desktop software.

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