3Com and Cisco dumb and dumber?

3Com and Cisco
The scorching hot Open Source Juicer blog entry: Dumb and Dumber Takes issue with: 3Com and Cisco charging oodles of money for a low-performance x86 blade that you can stuff into your router. Now, realize that neither of these x86 blades is expandable in any way. If you don't like the performance or RAM or HDD size, you have no options. You can't upgrade them, short of buying a whole new module in Cisco's case. If you already bought the fastest one (NME-522), you're screwed. No expansion slots. No multi-core. No options. Bluntly, you're trapped in Cisco World and 3Com World. Dare you to read the rest!

Dave Roberts
(Caution: wear sunglasses in order to keep your eyelashes from searing). "Does anybody else feel like we're watching the movie Dumb and Dumber here?," said Vyatta VP Strategy and Marketing - Dave Roberts. "The point of this rant is simply that this is what you get from proprietary networking companies." "Even when they serve up completely open technologies like Linux running on x86, it's going to be terribly expensive with lock in not far behind."

Do YOU agree with the dumb and dumber analogy of Vyatta's Dave Roberts?

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