Americans and Brits dread Monday morning more than do the French

Does a dread of returning to work on Monday keep you awake Sunday night?

According to the online job mart Monster, about half of U.S. and U.K. participants in an unscientific survey report having their Sunday night sleep disrupted by the mere thought of going back to work on Monday morning.

Such job-inspired fitfulness was reported less often by Germans (40%), Italians (37%), Swedes, (37%) and Belgians (35%). And, sleeping most soundly of all, with only 29% reporting Sunday night difficulties, were the French (insert your own wisecrack here).

More than 24,000 individuals registered their opinions in the Monster poll, which asked the question thusly: "Does the thought of going to work on Monday affect your Sunday night's sleep?" (Left unstated was the obvious suggestion that if you are among the hordes tossing and turning over job stress Sunday evening, perhaps you might want to consider a visit to your trusty job-search site first thing Monday morning.)

Personally, I can say with confidence and candor that the prospect of returning to work does not keep me awake Sunday night, because I don't need any excuse to keep from sleeping: I just suck at it; always have as an adult.

And, not that I want to get involved in the tempest started by the New York Times' suggestion that round-the-clock blogging is a recipe for early death, the encroachment of work into evenings and weekends has pretty much drained the drama out of that Monday morning return, no?

Finally, a confession/question: Has anyone else ever put off sending an e-mail in the wee hours because you didn't want the recipient to know that you were up that early and/or late? ... C'mon, I can't be the only one.

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