Apple: Unlock The iPhone and iPhone Apps

Yes! Break the bonds of AT&T's voice network and use your iPhone for free VoIP calls with Fring . Fring is a VoIP client for cell phones much like Skype. If your phone has a data plan and a compatible Fring client, you're in business. Cut down the minutes in your calling plan and move up to unlimited data, and you're golden.

There are only a few catches you need to know about. First, you'll need to unlock your iPhone to install the Fring VoIP client. We all know how much Apple loves it when users unlock their iPhones. I love how the Fring website describes this part of the installation process:

In order to install fring, you need to have your iPhone "opened" first to accept 3rd party applications. Refer to the Internet for details.

Next, Fring isn't an authorized iPhone application you can get through the authorized Apple Store process. So you're bypassing the official methods for getting iPhone applications, and the only method btw, which is through the Apple Store.

Of course now you're running an unauthorized iPhone app on your unlocked iPhone. I'm sure that will put you in good graces with Apple, doubling your prospects of getting bricked by the next Apple software update. And of course you're still placing a VoIP call with Fring over AT&T's slow data network.

Seems like a lot of hoops to jump through to try out what sounds like a great VoIP application for the iPhone. Why are we willing to live with Apple's overbearing business practices? The iPhone can't be that good.

Apple. Unlock the iPhone and unlock iPhone apps. Not even Microsoft locks their mobile phone software.

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