UPDATE: DARPA chief outlines expansive array of future networking projects

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's incredible array of futuristic research projects - everything from advanced network and communications implementations to powerful laser and unmanned aircraft development as well as developing techniques to help military personnel survive myriad dangerous situations - was on display in a report delivered to the House Armed Services Committee today by the agency's director, Tony Tether. While Tether's testimony focused on the extremely broad areas of research and development under DARPA's purview, what follows are some of the hottest networking-related programs the agency is working on. Tether said DARPA has many networking programs to help achieve its goal of linking tactical and strategic users through networks that can automatically and autonomously form, maintain, and protect themselves. WHAT'S NEW?: When it comes to developing leading edge aviation technologies, few organizations can match the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The advanced scientific outfit was formed 50 years ago this year and has in its history introduced the world to a host of revolutionary aviation technologies such as Have Blue, which became the F-117 stealth fighter as well as the Predator and Global Hawk, unmanned air vehicles flying today in Iraq. Take a look at the slideshow of DARPA’s wicked cool aviation technologies here.

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