Shutting Down The "Bill" Syndrome

What is it with successfully execs name "Bill" these days? Bill Gates is out drumming up rumors about Windows 7, and according to my sources, Redmond's playing mum by not answering any Windows 7 questions. Did Gates speak out of turn, or is he just as hard to shut up as Bill Clinton is out on the Hillary campaign trail? Or maybe Microsoft is sacrificing Gates, letting him take the heat for Vista's market flogging, so the anxt is misdirected away from Ray Ozzie letting him tie his star to Live Mesh. Okay, I'm ranting here but you've got to wonder just what's going on.

I'm amazed at all the speculation about Windows 7. A lot of it is sophomoric hazing of Vista, claiming Windows 7 will or won't save Vista's impugned reputation. I just don't see it that way. Windows 7 is much more likely to be built on top of or as a subset of Vista than any kind of replacement. Why do you think the user interface looks like Vista? Anything else just wouldn't make sense and certainly couldn't be done in any reasonable timeframe, certainly not in any way that would "save" Vista.

Microsoft has exacerbated the problem by having Gates spin up the conversations and dialog about Windows 7. Microsoft's ability to freeze the market through pre-announcements is coming full circle to bite them in this case. Holy cow, Batman -- talk about making the problems with Vista adoption even worse!

Should I upgrade to Vista or just wait until Windows 7? But maybe Windows 7 is an upgrade to Vista so waiting won't matter? Or, maybe Windows 7 will have stuff in it that Vista doesn't, justifying the upgrade cost. But what are those features... what's in Windows 7?

Microsoft's created more problems with Windows 7 than it's likely to solve. Great potential for over inflated expectations, then the big let down again when/if it doesn't deliver. Microsoft needs to get this thing under control.

So... are we destined to live in a post-Gates world of him pulling a "Bill" by talking like he's still chief architect at Microsoft? Oh angels of anti-media spin, please, please, let's hope not. Shutting up one Bill is hard enough. We don't need two of them spinning up trouble.

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