A 6-year-old's question about Little League

It was one of those impossibly cute moments as a parent when you've got to do your best not to chuckle because the child's question is so earnest ... and, in a way, perfectly understandable.

My son, Grant, is playing Little League baseball for the first time this spring and his team, the Mariners, has been practicing diligently for weeks now in preparation for their May 3 season opener. "I can't wait to play in a real game," he's said over and over and over again.

Grant has also become quite the Boston Red Sox fan -- despite an occasional protest of indifference as to the outcome -- watching as many games as he can for as long as bedtime will allow.

So it should probably come as no surprise that during one recent discussion of his impending debut as a Little League player, Grant, still absorbing baseball's finer points, asked:

"Dad, will our game be on TV?"

(A somewhat related update: Writing this item reminded me of an old Reader's Digest feature called "Kids say the darnedest things," or something like that. I figured this little slice of family life might be appropriate for such a venue so I headed over to the iconic magazine's Web site and found a form that allows you to submit a joke, funny true story, or quote for their consideration. After doing so, I got this message back:

"Your submission makes 20,923,525 jokes, quotes and funny true stories received to date. So far we've paid $25,427,875 to RD readers! If we decide to publish your submission, we'll send you a check!"

Those numbers simply astounded me, despite knowing that Reader's Digest has been around about as long as the printing press. ... And now you know that you, too, might earn a few extra dollars next time one of your kids says something funny.)

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