Radio Free Europe reportedly under DDoS

A reportedly massive distributed denial of service attack has rendered dark a number of Web sites run by U.S.-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Fingers are being pointed at the government of Belarus.

While the organization's main site is available from here at the moment, this statement from Radio Free Europe says that its Web operations in Belarus remain affected.

From Associated Press:

The attack is aimed mainly the site of Radio Free Europe's Belarus service, but Web sites serving Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Croatia also have been affected, the network said.

Jeffrey Gedmin, the network's president, compared the attack to communist countries jamming U.S.-backed broadcasts during the Cold War.

"Dictators are still trying to prevent the kind of unfiltered news and information that (Radio Free Europe) provides from reaching their people," Gedmin said. "They did not succeed in the last century and they will not succeed now."

Suspicion was immediately being directed at Belarus.

The broadcaster suggested the government of authoritarian Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko could be behind the attack."It's very hard to be certain in these cases but because the target was the Belarus service it does look like it's coming from the Belarus government," said Diane Zeleny, spokeswoman for the broadcaster.

The episode comes hard on the heels of a DDoS attack launched from China against the international Internet operations of CNN, although that particular assault turned out to be ineffective.

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