Playing in my SandBox…

For some time now, I've been using a nifty little application as one my many layers in a complex web of controls that are used to protect my system from unwanted or possibility malicious based issues.  :>)  Yet for some reason, only tonight did it dawn upon me, that I should share this nifty application with everyone else.

The application's name is called Sandboxie.

While the name is strange, what it does is really cool.  In short semi-technical lingo speak: Sandboxie sits between the OS and applications that you have sandboxed.  As such, these sandboxed applications never have direct access to resources that are provided by the OS.  Instead, the applications need to ask Sandboxie for the resources, and in turn Sandboxie then asks the OS, thus allowing for total control.  :>)

In other words, when you run an application within the "Sandbox" it's prevented from having direct access to a number of system objects.  For example:

  • Files
  • Disk Devices
  • Registry Keys
  • Process and Thread objects
  • Driver objects
  • Named Pipes
  • Events
  • Mutexs (Mutants in NT speak)
  • Semaphores
  • Sections
  • LPC Ports

Sandboxie also prevents sandbox'ed applications from hijacking non-sandboxed applications.  Additionally, sandbox'ed applications are also prevented from loading drivers either directly or by using the Service Control Manager.

But.... The fun doesn't stop there.  Because everything that is loaded within a Sandbox is temporary, everything related to the session is destroyed once you close Sandboxie.  For example, let's say I loaded up Internet Explorer, and surfed, played, maybe even downloaded some stuff.  Well, once I'm done, and have closed Sandboxie, the physical manifestation of data related to that session (history, cookies, files, and so on) is just plain gone.  Lastly, the best part... Sandboxie is free (minus a donation)!

Interestingly, enough this was also what GreenBorder did before they were purchased by Google.

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