H-1B scandal: New study unmasks that Cisco and Microsoft NOT using H-1B visas to recruit the best and brightest

University of California, Davis: H-1B Visas not hiring the Best & Brightest
The worst fears of H-1B critics has been confirmed:

Norm Matloff
A new study published today by Dr. Norman Matloff - professor of computer science at the University of California - Davis, unmasks that Cisco and Microsoft are NOT using the H-1B visa program to hire the best and brightest. Cisco and Microsoft say that continued U.S. leadership in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) hinges on their ability to import the world’s best engineers and scientists. Dr. Norman Matloff presents new data analysis showing that the vast majority of the foreign workers at Cisco and Microsoft are people of just ordinary talent, doing ordinary work. They are not the innovators that Cisco and Microsoft portray them to be.

Cisco and Microsoft claim that the U.S. lead in tech depends on hiring innovators from abroad. The analysis demonstrates that the foreign workers are in fact generally not outstanding talents, thus casting serious doubt on the claim that innovators are being hired. Most foreign tech workers are in fact not the best and the brightest. This is true both overall and in the key tech occupations, and most importantly, in Cisco and Microsoft who are the firms most stridently demanding that Congress admit more foreign workers. Expansion of the guest worker programs — both H-1B visas and green cards — is unwarranted. Read the entire: Study Analysis

Do YOU believe as yours truly that Cisco and Microsoft owe a very big apology to American citizens for their scandalous deception?

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