TDM-to-SIP: Rip and Replace?

I once was quite interested in a company named "Citel", whose main business focus was producing products that were designed to smooth the transition from a TDM-based PBX or Digital Centrex system, to SIP. After buying a few companies that made similar devices, Citel revised it's product line, promoting the Portico line of TDM-to-IP telephone adapters. However, in the last five years, I have never seen an actual installation of such a device. Companies transitioning to VoIP, especially SIP-based systems, always tend to just "bite the bullet" and buy the SIP handsets to begin with. In fact, rip and replace is likely just as cost effective as buying such an adapter. In conclusion, when performing such a migration, why add another interim step? Money sunken into adapters will not be available once the transition is made to "real" IP sets. So, are companies that make their money selling such transitory products going to be around much longer?

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