Why hello PowerShell 2.0 CTP2…

Not sure how I missed this, not only on Friday night, but throughout the weekend. But, the PSH product team finally decided to release the CTP2 to the public. The release notes are kinda of long... but it looks like there are a number of changes from CTP1. Considering that I'm on the Feedback program, I will be playing with the CTP. If I think something is interesting, I will try to post my thoughts.

Sadly, while I'm happy that things are rolling forward... I now need to go back and make numerous updates to the chapters I have been working on. For example:

Updated Type Adapters

The member lookup algorithm of type adapters has been updated to include Base members. The members of the base object for adapted types are now directly accessible on the object, so you do not need to use the PSBASE property to access base members.

I'm guessing by that statement that I need to update my section that discussed how PSH interacted with Active Directory.

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