Jayshree Ullal becomes 2nd member to exit Cisco development organization (CDO)

The December 2007 Cisco development organization (CDO) chart below has a striking resemblance to Swiss cheese, now that a second member, Jayshree Ullal - Cisco SVP Data Center Switching & Services, has announced her exit from Cisco (the first Cisco CDO member to leave was Charlie Giancarlo).

Overview of Business Groups in Cisco Development Organization

Jayshree Ullal
Ullal's succession has been in the works for a while, so it's not a jumping ship kind of thing. She's leaving, taking the summer off, and then most likely going to start something up (view Ullal's Cisco blog announcement). Doubtful it will be Nuova like. Is Cisco becoming too unwieldy?

Why do YOU think Jayshree Ullal is leaving Cisco?

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