Cisco: Getting strategic alliances right

synnovation - volume 3, issue 2
In a recent featured article on pages 70 thru 77 of synnovation magazine published by EDS (soon to be HP), Cisco elaborates on the life cycle phases of strategic alliances.

Simon Hayes
"If one partner feels ignored or underserved, the alliance will suffer later," said Simon Hayes - Cisco Vice President Enterprise Strategic Alliances. "An alliance is no place to win a negotiation to the detriment of your partner." "Like any other business relationship, strategic alliances require good governance to succeed."

Every alliance goes through a natural life cycle. The Alliance Life Cycle:

Phase 1: Evaluate
Define alliance strategy
Analyze portfolio
Evaluate ecosystem
Evaluate partner
Build business case

Phase 2: Form
Create partnering value proposition
Secure sponsors
Conduct negotiations and forge agreements
Protect intellectual property
Announce alliance

Phase 3: Incubate
Structure alliance governance
Build operational model
Plan communications
Create partner-engagement model
Launch new alliance marketing

Phase 4: Operate
Build executive committees and boards
Conduct business planning
Draft alliance solutions and initiatives
Create field engagement and marketing
Define metrics and performance reporting

Phase 5: Transition
Review strategy and value proposition
Review value curves and trends
Update strategic goals
Confirm joint commitment
Determine future investment

Phase 6: Retire
Conduct management discussions
Determine exit strategy
Build exit plans
Define activities and timeline
Create messaging

What has been YOUR experience while in a strategic alliance with Cisco?

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