Nortel: Calling all CCIEs

Nortel: Calling all CCIEs!
Today, yours truly was fortunate to view a confidential presentation on the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch Training Initiative. A clear objective of the presentation is to shorten the path to competency and certification on Nortel technology by leveraging the existing knowledge and experience of Cisco CCIEs.

Tony Rybczynski
In a recent blog entry regarding a customer who replaced their Cisco network with Nortel, Tony Rybczynski - Nortel Enterprise Director, noted how important Cisco CCIEs are to Nortel's business strategy: At first, the CCIEs on staff expressed concern of the new skills required to engineer and operate a Nortel solution. They bluntly said "why change to a new technology platform?" Over 18 months since the decision was made, the CCIE concerns have not materialized. With a couple of days of incremental training, CCIEs were able to apply their extensive skills in Ethernet, IP, routing, VLANs etc to become highly proficient in the chosen Nortel solution.

Yours truly finds it fascinating that Cisco's clear competitive advantage with their CCIE program can be leveraged by agile competitors who have the strategic vision of enhancing and extending Cisco CCIE technology skills with their own.

Besides Nortel and Juniper, what other vendors are targeting Cisco CCIEs for competitive advantage?

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