Southerners text and drive more than northerners

Despite the obvious dangers (and in some states a law breaking activity), 30% of mobile phone users text while driving. And users in South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia are the states with the worst offenders.

Based on a survey of about 5,000 US consumers done by mobile technology vendor Vlingo, 85% of respondents say they would not drive and text if were illegal, but 78% said the activity should be illegal.

The study went on to say 85% of teens and young adults (ages 13-29) send text messages, and just over 50% of those ages 16-29 admit to driving while texting.The initial result flies in the face of other surveys that show most Americans favor banning texting while driving.

Today, 23 states are considering legislation to ban driving while texting, Vlingo noted.

The five states with the highest percentage of respondents who admitted to driving and texting were:

1. South Carolina (worst record)

2. Tennessee

3. Georgia

4. Maryland

5. Louisiana

The five states with the lowest percentage of driving texters were:

1. Arizona (best record)

2. Maine

3. Vermont

4. New Hampshire

5. Delaware

Texting and driving is not directly encouraged but certainly exacerbated by the recent uptick in texting support from a variety of restaurants and other service industry vendors. Pizza Hut for example in January became the latest in a growing number of pizza joints to offer mobile services including texting as a way of ordering a slice. Domino's and Papa John's already offer mobile ordering services. And others restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds have looked into similar systems. Within five years, Pizza Hut aims to earn half its revenue from orders placed via computers and mobile phones, according to a Reuters report.

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