Site Provisioning Assistant : Sharing the workload in SharePoint Server 2007

There is no worse feeling for an IT professional than to finally convince your boss or your client to purchase a solution that will grow and expand with them only to find yourself shrugging your shoulders when a situation comes up that you did not contemplate. There is sometimes no way of telling how "good" a solution will be received. You go into most implementations expecting an epic battle for the minds and hearts of users. I actually believe a few times I caught a glimpse of Aragorn and Gimli on my flank during such implementations. (Or perhaps it was the lack of sleep, who knows?)

But there is that rare occasion when a new technology is received well by all and actually grows beyond your expectations. SharePoint is a good example of such a technology. It is one of those things that catch like wildfire and then you find yourself without enough time or resources (aka employees) to keep up with the growth. Often in our work environments, the idea of any kind of self-service site creation would result in decapitation by the marketing department. This is understandable to some degree. They often will spend months alongside the IT department planning the look and feel of a client experience. So short of working 20 hour days how do you keep up with all the requests to build new sites within SharePoint? Sometimes the best solution is not within the application itself but a third-party tool. SharePoint Solutions offers a solid alternative to the default "self- service" option found in SharePoint.

It's Site Provisioning Assistant for SharePoint 2007, gives users a process for:

  • Quick, easy uniform method for requesting sites.
  • The ability to automate the request approval process.
  • A way of monitoring and tracking the requests.

No it is not the extra set of hands you sometimes really need. However, having the ability to keep a uniform process for requesting, tracking and provisioning sites helps greatly. The provisioning profiles answer many of the necessary questions to ensure that a site stays streamlined and logical.

No doubt we can all look to some IT project that started out with a clean dataset only to look like you did nothing after three months.

Site Provisioning Assistant is a worth a look and you can request a demo copy at SharePoint Solutions Software. You will need to register to get the demo. 

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