iPhone Interface Comes to Windows 7

That was the big Windows 7 demo this week; multi-touch user interface will be in Windows 7. Picture the iPhone UI meets Windows. Is touch exciting enough to get us all hopped up about Windows 7. I guess Gates and Ballmer thought so. I actually think touch will be an important part of our user experience, especially as computers become more and more integrated into our everyday lives. Touch walls, such as what Bill Gates recently demonstrated,  touch screens in HUD displays in autos and our work environments. It also lends itself to user identification through fingerprint reading, something I've been using on my Sony Vaio laptop.

Here's a demo of Windows 7 touch interface from a demo on one of Microsoft's blog site. First thing I noticed is that you have to use two hands to expand something on the screen. That seems very cumbersome - imagine taking your hands off the keyboard (and possibly mouse) to use two hands to interact with Windows 7. Touch could lead to screens that are level to the desk or work surface, rather than perpendicular to our desktop workspace.

One other thought on Windows 7 multi-touch user interface.  I don't know what patents Apple holds on the iPhone touch user interface but I could see a lawsuit in the making on this one.

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