Cisco secure client manager presentation

The below presentation explains how Cisco secure client manager (SCM), available in early 2009, will allow complete management of mobile devices. Cisco SCM also offers an application interface and an advanced device discovery service for third-party device management servers:

Cisco Secure Client Manager
The Challenge Of Mobilizing The Workforce
Mobilizing The Workforce: What IT Demands
Mobilizing The Workforce: The User Expectation
Cisco MOTION: Addressing the Client Wave
Cisco Mobility Services Engine
Secure Client Manager Definition
Secure Client Manager Solution Overview
Operate Mobile Devices At Each Stage Of Their Life Cycle
Secure Client Manager Use Cases
Secure Client Management Centralized Provisioning
Network Configuration Update – Without SCM
Network Configuration Update – With SCM
Bootstrap - Remote Device
Client Troubleshooting – Without SCM
Client Troubleshooting – With SCM

How important do YOU believe secure client manager is to the successful execution of Cisco's mobility strategy?

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