Microsoft Plays Windows 7 Hardball

Microsoft's not going to repeat the mistakes of Vista, at least that's how it appears given Microsoft's Windows Logo requirements for Windows 7. While it might appear that Microsoft is playing hardball with hardware manufactures, the opposite may be the case. Microsoft is learning it can't just slam a new operating system out into the market and expect users and vendors alike to put up with compatibility problems for two years following its release. Microsoft's also still smarting from it's Windows Vista Ready logo debacle.

Microsoft's putting clearer expectations out there and hopefully it will stop Microsoft itself from putting a product out in market too soon. The rest of the world has to work with partners, make sure products are compatible, hardware is supported, and partner supply chains are ready before we launch products. Microsoft's learning that while it might be able to throw it's weight around like Wal-Mart, Microsoft is still ultimately accountable to its customers. Even Apple has stooped to jumping on the Vista bashing bandwagon. Then you know it's bad.

But the real proof is in the pudding, as they say. Will Microsoft be disciplined enough to hold back Windows 7 until all the elements needed to launch are really ready? Hardware and software compatibility in particular. Given the user community and market response to Vista, I suspect there's a chance we'll see Windows 7 released with these lessons in mind.

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