John McHugh fired as head of HP ProCurve?

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John McHugh
Was John McHugh fired as HP ProCurve vice president and worldwide general manager? McHugh made the Network World List as one of the 50 most powerful people in networking. Under his leadership, ProCurve grew from number eleven in the networking marketplace to the number two position in the market, based on worldwide port shipments. McHugh was responsible for ProCurve's global operations, strategic and tactical planning, business development and the creation and introduction of a continuous stream of enterprise networking solutions and services.

So what happened to John McHugh? Nobody's talking, especially not HP ProCurve, as they only released the following statement to yours truly:

John McHugh - HP ProCurve vice president and worldwide general manager, has left the company. In the interim, HP ProCurve has named Bret Cromwell as acting general manager. Cromwell was previously worldwide controller for HP ProCurve, and for the past six years, has been a key member of HP ProCurve’s executive staff, responsible for all aspects of HP ProCurve’s finance, accounting and IT activities.

According to Alan Weckel - Dell’Oro Group Senior Analyst for Ethernet Switch and IP Telephony Enterprise Market Research: "For 2007, HP ProCurve gained one point of share, from a little less than 4% of the market in 2006 to a little less than 5% of the market in 2007." "On a Y/Y basis they grew 44%." "These are revenue numbers." Related story: Speculation: HP acquisition of EDS true culprit behind John McHugh leaving HP ProCurve

That is a very impressive business performance to yours truly and begs the question: What do YOU think happened to John McHugh, was he fired and why?

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