Verizon on hot seat after glitch reveals unlisted numbers

Verizon blamed a computer glitch that let 11,000 of its customers nonlisted and nonpublished phone numbers to be printed in a Maryland phone directory. 

Verizon was brought before the Maryland Public Service Commission Thursday to explain the malfunction.  At issue are unlisted names, addresses and phone numbers were inadvertently published in Ogden Directories' EZ To Use Big Book for Washington County. 

Besides changing affected customers' phone numbers at no cost, Verizon has offered to give them a $25 credit.

For a small group of people whose safety has been jeopardized, Verizon might pay up to $1,000 for security surveillance systems, said Tom Moran, the executive director of Verizon's LiveSource division, which handles directory assistance services.  Since the error new protections have been put in place.  

Verizon has had this problem before, in the same region in fact. In 2004, 12,000 telephone numbers Washington, DC area customers had paid to keep out of the phone book found their way into directories as a result of a Verizon computer glitch.  

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