3G iPhone 2.0 revealed!

 Update: As expected, Apple revealed the new iPhone 2.0 today. Here is the official Apple promotion shot:

Also of note is they will ship with the new 2.0 software including Exchange ActiveSync, Cisco VPN and A-GPS. The App Store will be available next month. Finally, Apple & AT&T also confirmed the US $199 price point with a 2-year commitment.

CrunchGear has what appears to be the first legit photos on the web for the new 3G iPhone. From the TechGear description and looking at the pictures it's definitely thinner than the original iPhone and looks reminiscent of the MacBook Air. Gotta love the multiple colors and the "red" campaign branding. Looks like the "jesus phone" got an exterior upgrade to match it's new internals. Still unknown is if the iPhone will ship with the new 2.0 software. Originally it was announced that the 3G iPhone would ship with the new software but the word on the street is that unsolved bugs will push it out a month or more and be a field upgrade.

While on the topic of the 2.0 software, I've been excited about some of the new features. From a consumer level, probably the most exciting is Apple finally officially opening the iPhone up to third party developers. Electronic Arts jumped in with both feet anouncing Spore on the iPhone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5xA8-XvjNk Second place might belong the the SlingPlayer for iPhone. No release date but supposedly it's already in private beta. iPhone 2.0 FAQ with a lot of great information.

On the Enterprise side, the iPhone will have the full Microsoft ActiveSync package include push email, remote wipe and administrator pushed policies. This makes the iPhone a business tool, not just a toy. Also included will be a Cisco VPN client. I'm not sure why the buzz on phone vpn clients. I can't imagine using my phone for anything corporate beyond email or IM. ComputerWorld posted an

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