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So I was waiting for my flight out of Las Vega s, after presenting a 4-hour seminar of SQL Server 2005 Best Practices. I do not know if anyone has ever spoken for 4-hours but man, it is tough. Now my Mom is Italian so for me talking for four hours nonstop should be easy.  However, it is very different when you have a room full of people and no one is talking back. Yep, they are all there to hear what you have to say so they are silent and it is all you.  Well, back to the airport in Vegas, I got the chance to check on some comments to my 20 tools blog. Of course, I loved the ones saying I was the greatest thing to happen since open source. Or the comment about how ruggedly handsome I look in my picture (ok that wasn't a written comment it was my wife's comment).  I actually am not that fond of that shot of me, but I digress.

But one comment in particular caught my attention it went a little something like this:

"netstumbler is closed source and should not be in the list. Kismet, which you ignored, is not only far more versatile and runs on more platforms but is also released under the GPL which makes it free software"

My bad, it was pointed out by one of my readers that Netstumbler is not open sourced.  I looked into it myself and it is correct. Netstumbler is closed source software. Now it is a free tool and a good one at that.  Nevertheless, the list was meant to be "Open Source" tools.

To the reader who commented I say thank you! It is important to Network World and myself that the content of my posts be concise and useful.  I will be updating the 20 tools to reflect that. However, that being said I do not know that I will be replacing Netstumbler with readers suggested "Kismet".

I will look, try a few, and see which product will be the replacement. Perhaps Kismet or perhaps something else, either way I will make the correction and edit the 20 tools posting this week.

Again, thanks to all who offer their praise, suggestions and corrections?  I appreciate it greatly.  All the feedback is a great help. Moreover, I hope my posts will help you to have - A Better Windows World!

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