What I have in common with actor Tom Green

Okay, it's a bit of stretch that I have much in common with Tom Green, the actor, comedian, author and talk show host. But, in an interview with him yesterday, he described himself as a "A/V geek", which is what I am sometimes referred to in the halls at Network World (well, maybe it's A/V guy, but why split hairs.)


Why did Network World interview Tom Green? Because he's on the the cutting edge of live streaming over the Internet with his "Tom Green's House Tonight" talk show, which is broadcast live on TomGreen.com through BitGravity. Green built a multi-camera set in the living room of his Los Angeles-area home and brings in guests (Andy Dyck, Shannon Elizabeth, to name a couple) to chat for an hour or more. He even takes guest calls over the phone and Skype, with some calling in using Skype video. All this is done with a meager crew: Usually one guy, though for the bigger productions seven or eight people can be brought in. The entire experience with what Green calls "Web-O-Vision" is reminiscent of his days broadcasting on public access in Canada, before he was picked up by MTV. Through the Web, Green is free to experiment and be wacky, without having to report to a network executive. Plus, by doing this himself, he's got more flexibility to work on movies and other projects that suit is fancy.

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