My Blog Worked Again!! CCIE Party is Back!!

At last year's Networkers I wrote a blog about how cheap the conference bag was. So, in December, I was pleased to see that my blog got to Cisco and they announced much improved conference bags. ;-) So, in March, I issued a similar challenge to Cisco to bring back the CCIE Party. Cisco had thrown a killer CCIE party in 2005 at the Ghost Bar at the top of the Palms Casino in Vegas. I felt it was my right, as an ardent Cisco bigot, to be pampered once a year to a party of that caliber. ;-) ;-) ;-) So, I was thrilled this week when the e-mail popped in my inbox announcing the return of the CCIE Party at Networkers in Orlando!

Yes, the party is back! I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but I'll take it. So, I'll see all of my fellow CCIEs there. You all have my powerful blog to thank for bringing the party back. ;-)

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