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Yours truly was recently comparing the global CCIE statistics provided by Cisco, to the CCIE resumes available for hire globally on BradReese.Com The results were quite an eye opener, at least to yours truly:

Country Percentage of CCIE Resumes on BradReese.Com
Bahrain 25% of the CCIEs
Bulgaria 2.7% of the CCIEs
Egypt 16% of the CCIEs
Ghana 100% of the CCIEs
India 1.6% of the CCIEs
Ireland 1.6% of the CCIEs
Kuwait 10% of the CCIEs
Nigeria 25% of the CCIEs
Pakistan 15.6% of the CCIEs
Saudi Arabia 15.9% of the CCIEs
Sri Lanka 25% of the CCIEs
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2.3% of the CCIEs

View 571 Cisco Certified Network Engineer Curriculum Vitae | Resumes from 61 countries.

Nobody was more shocked than yours truly to learn that BradReese.Com had aggregated in some countries, anywhere from between 15% to as much as 100% of that country's Cisco CCIEs.

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