Cisco CBQoS delivers powerful QoS policy metrics

While Cisco NetFlow's benefits are quite apparent now with a wide range of collection and analysis tools, there is a lot more in the Cisco IOS that can help you gain valuable insight into your network behavior.
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Cisco CBQoS is a relatively lesser-known feature set, but delivers compelling value in terms of ensuring that business critical applications get the right priority on the network.

With more and more network managers implementing QoS policies to better manage their corporate network, a technology that can deliver insights into the effectiveness of these policies can be valuable. This is exactly what Cisco CBQoS is designed to deliver. CBQoS can help analyze the pre-policy, post-policy and the drop within each class of traffic on your network and help network administrators make more informed QoS policy decisions.

NetFlow Analyzer 7 Professional
In addition, CBQoS can also provide queuing statistics on each class of traffic. Since CBQoS is a part of the Cisco IOS, there is no additional investment and the metrics are retrieved using SNMP. The latest version of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer adds out-of-the-box support for Cisco CBQoS and provides insightful reports on per class traffic usage patterns.
Raghu Ramanujam
Raghu Ramanujam - product manager for ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer said: "We are glad to add reporting on Cisco CBQoS in ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer to the already existing NetFlow and NBAR support." "As the only commercial product to leverage on these complementary Cisco technologies, we feel the product delivers unmatched visibility to our customers."

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is available to download for a free 30-day trial with no limitation on the functionality.

Are YOU leveraging Cisco CBQoS on your IOS feature set?

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