iPhone – The next platform for security tools?

With the soon to be released 2.0 software update all sort of applications will be ported to the iPhone platform. Security tools should be no exception. Here are some of the security tools that I’d like to see on the new iPhone 3G:

  • PuTTY – SSH client
  • netstumbler – wireless LAN detector with GPS support
  • KisMAC – Passive wireless scanner and cracker wit GPS support
  • Aircrack - A fast WEP/WPA cracking tool
  • metasploit – the best exploit tool out there. They’ve even added new exploits to hack the iPhone!
  • NMAP/Zenmap – Security scanner and exploit tool
  • Wireshark – The premier free Packet Sniffer
  • and of course Nessus – a comprehensive vulnerability assessment tool
Some of the above mentioned apps have been ported to smartphone OS’s in the past so there is precedent here for a port to the iPhone. Given the incredibly flexible user interface and full featured browser of the iPhone these apps could really shine on that platform. If someone developed an RJ-45 Ethernet adapter for the iPhone then it would really rock. So a call to all developers out there, don’t forget about security applications on the iPhone! Anyone aware of security apps being developed for the iPhone? What security apps would you like to see for the iPhone?

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