Special Cisco Networkers Contest - And the winner is.....

And now for the winner of the most important, infamous, and unofficial contest at Cisco Networkers....that being the vendor with the hottest badge reader girl! Yes, each year a few smart vendors realize the quickest way to get a 99.9% male audience to listen to your boring pitch about the next, great fiber optic cable is to hire one (more than one is good too) beautiful girl and put her in a tight outfit. The men will stream to your booth to get scanned. NetQoS made an art out of this last year in Anaheim with a large booth right at the entrance to the World of Solutions and 3 or 4 buxom blondes with badge readers. Very nicely done. I got scanned twice. ;-) Runners up this year include Emulex and CCBootcamp for their efforts. But the winner, in a blowout, goes to Qumu

for bringing us Gigi...
Obviously an aspiring Sales Manager from their Miami office. ;-) Good work guys. Your prize...sales contacts galore for no obvious business benefit. ;-) I'm way more interested now in "software solutions that enables organizations to easily capture, manage, publish and distribute live and on-demand video content while leveraging existing IT infrastructure" ....yeah....uh huh.... ;-)

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