iPhone's A Useless Brick With Me (AT&T)

Rumor's are that big brother Apple will be sending the new iPhone 3Gs to AT&T stores already bricked, according to this CNET news article. Only AT&T stores will have a special version of iTunes that can unbrick iPhone 3Gs at the AT&T store. (Now, there's another brilliant idea - take iTunes software that runs slow as a ton of bricks and have it unbrick phones. Doh!) So, any dreams of just buying an iPhone 3G any other way than at an AT&T store sans the 2 year contract is pretty much nil. I guess Apple is no longer the company who makes computers "for the rest of us" but the company who makes products for the rest of us without the intelligence to make our own decisions. No replaceable battery. No upgradable storage. Only 3rd party apps you chose to offer us, and only through your store.  Apple, the company who created the infamous 1984 commercial, still more evidence that you continue to reek  of hypocrisy. 

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