Welcome to my new blog page! I'm glad to be here as a guest blogger for the month of July on Network World's blog pages. By way of introduction, you may have seen my name before--I've written a few times before on networkworld.com, as a guest blogger for Wendell Odom. He and I cowrote the 2007 Cisco Press CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide, Third Edition. We've also worked on several other projects together, and it's a pleasure to "be on the same page" as Wendell in a different medium than we're used to. By profession, I am an engineering, professional development, and business development-focused guy. My CCIE is in Routing and Switching, but my company's focus is on Cisco Unified Communications. I work in Upstate New York for Cisco's commercial partner of the year for the Eastern US and Canada, Annese & Associates. In my past life, before working for a Cisco partner, I did a lot of technical training and developed a technical certification program from scratch for the microwave data radio manufacturer for which I worked as an engineer for many years. My first love from a professional standpoint is RF and microwave engineering, but over the past 10 years I've become highly focused on networking technologies and solutions--moving up the stack, you might say--especially in the Cisco realm. I am a true geek at heart as well, and I own a fully working Cisco AGS+ router (man, is that thing loud and heavy!). In my blog, you can expect to read about my thoughts on the industry in which we work, from the standpoint of a Cisco Silver partner. In addition, I have a real passion for technical certifications and how they fit into the big picture, so you can expect at least a few posts on that topic. John Chambers made a comparison of work styles at Networkers last week: There are command-and-control people and there are collaboration people. Cisco is clearly headed toward a highly collaborative style, in three key ways--how Cisco works internally, how Cisco interacts with its partners, and in the solutions Cisco offers its customers. I am very much also a collaborative person; as a result, this blog will thrive only if you collaborate with me in the process of creating it--I welcome your feedback, comments, topic suggestions, and anything else you'd like to share!

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