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Are you someone who blogs about Microsoft? Maybe you're an end user, developer, mobile user, Xbox player, admin, security researcher, writer, author, detractor or enthusiast who blogs about Microsoft related topics regularly or on occasion? Want a way to increase the exposure and readership of your blog? That's what the Microsoft Bloggers Network is all about.

In addition to their very popular (and free) RSS feed aggregation service for blogs, Feedburner has something called Feedburner networks. FBN's are self organized groups of bloggers' feeds aggregated into one combined feed. What are the benefits? Here's Feedburner's description:

Who needs this service and why?

[Feedburner Networks] benefits publishers, subscribers and even advertisers by increasing discoverability of feed-driven content. Publishers benefit by banding together to increase exposure and take advantage of cross-promotional opportunities. Subscribers benefit by finding more content that interests them and advertisers benefit with increased targeting capability and exposure to content that may have been difficult to otherwise find.

My personal Converging Network blog is a member of two other Feedburner Networks with 289 other blogs, totaling over 330,000 subscribers. How's that for exposure. And readers can of course still subscribe to your blog individually or read your RSS feed as part of the combined feed.

I'm just starting the Microsoft Bloggers Network and with all of the Microsoft rated blogs out there I'm guessing it will grow very quickly. The goal of the network is to increase the exposure of bloggers who write about Microsoft. The only rules I have about joining are that you occasionally blog about Microsoft related topics on your blog, and that you write your own content (i.e. you aren't one of those sites that aggregates other bloggers' content verbatim for advertising purposes.)

If you'd like to add your blog's feed to the Microsoft Blogger's Network, just send me an email and I'll send you a link to join. Again, this is a free service. You can chose to add your feed to the network (or remove it at any time), and display the network's banner on your blog (again, that's optional too.)

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