R- Studio:Nothing is lost forever Part II

I just thought in this day and age of sequels I might produce a sequel to one of my posts. When we last left off our hero, he was recovering lost data… Too Much! OK! Last week we spoke about a data recovery tool for Windows systems. In a perfect world we would only have need to support a homogenous environment. However, for most IT admins we live in a heterogeneous technology world. This is not necessarily a bad thing in my career I have found that each of these platforms has their strengths. It does mean though that not every tool works for every platform or does it? While working in these mixed environments I found a tool that I preferred for my non-Windows systems, The tool is called R-Studio. Now I know that R-Studio is available for Windows systems in fact, the network version will work for Windows, Mac, and most Linux & Unix file systems. I do have to admit that I prefer Recover My Files for the Windows platform. In an all-Windows environment, I would say that Recover My Files is an easier interface to deal with. However, in the Windows/Mac /Unix/Linux world I think that R-Studio is the best choice. Now when I was evaluating software for my Linux systems to handle data recovery, I immediately looked to an open source tool. I found a few that were OK, but overall I thought R-Studio was the best of breed for data recovery. Designed to handle cross-platform Data recovery as well as offering the ability to recover files off remote systems, got my attention immediately. I loved the idea of sitting at my Windows machine (sorry Linux lovers, but I prefer a Windows desktop) and being able to handle data recovery on my Linux server in a familiar Windows Explorer interface. For me personally I hate having to switch modes in Administration from to GUI to command-line. Just my preference, so you can imagine that I enjoy the idea of having the ability to stay with the GUI. I also enjoy not having to get up and run from machine to machine to deal with data recovery. Anyone in a small IT department would appreciate the nightmare this could be for an Admin. R-Studio agent is installed onto the remote machine and lets Administrators use a TCP/IP connection to recover deleted files. If the system is unbootable…No problem, R-Studio agent recovery allows you to create a bootable floppy or CD-ROM for data recovery. R-Studio offers a product for companies that support remote clients also, to help further enhance the services you can offer. You can download the demo and check pricing at:http://www.data-recovery-software.net/ Overall, I think that R-Studio is a great tool to help us to keep our data available, which will make sure we have A Better Windows World. Even if our world consists of more than just Windows.

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