Live Mesh Sighting For Macs

The Live Mesh barn door was open long enough for the guys at jkOnTheRun to give us a peak at Live Mesh running on Intel Macs. Guess what, it looks a lot like how it works on Windows Vista machines but still retains the Mac's overall look-and-feel. For the most part, the same capabilities are present on the Mac version as are in the Windows version. Remote desktop control isn't there yet but it's possible it could be added since this is still pre-beta bits.

I have to commend the Live Mesh team at Microsoft on two fronts. First, they chose to go the way of Google and offer Live Mesh services in beta form until they are ready. Office Live Workspace has done the same thing. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and then beat 'em, I like to say. The other is that Microsoft chose not to try and rush the whole thing out to market and experience the debacle Apple created with the MobileMe, iPhone 2.0 upgrade, and iTunes activation server disasters over the past week and a half. Maybe Apple should have remained silent on the SaaS front.

There's two sides to deliver SaaS and S+S. You not only have to be able to create a product that works and will sell, you also have to demonstrate you can operate it. Not through one product launch or upgrade, but on a consistent, ongoing basis.

Things are looking pretty good for Live Mesh. While I don't use it on a Mac, I've had good success with it on Vista so far. Hopefully with the emergence of the Mac version, we're not too far from seeing a production release of Live Mesh. Oh, but that might mean Microsoft would charge for it. I wonder if Microsoft won't bundle Live Mesh in with other services or just keep it free. Sounds like a good campaign promise Obama or McCain should make.

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