Cisco pink slips its famous PIX firewall July 28: AlgoSec aims to make the transition painless and hassle-free for customers

AlgoSec - Firewall Management Made Smarter
This coming Monday - July 28th, Cisco is quietly giving the boot to its scandalously and outrageously successful PIX firewall. AlgoSec is one company that is offering Cisco customers a migration service. According to information on their website, AlgoSec's service enables enterprises upgrading from PIX to ASA to:

Control professional service costs associated with the migration.
Receive an independent third party proof of correct migration audit.
Automate the error-prone and labor-intensive manual task of rule-by-rule comparison.
Proactively ensure business continuity by validating that critical traffic will keep flowing.

View the AlgoSec Cisco PIX to ASA migration service Register for a free 30-day evaluation of the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA). According AlgoSec's website, you'll also get automatically completed PCI and SOX compliance reports.

Avishai Wool
"Firewalls are often the organization’s first and continued line of defense," said Dr. Avishai Wool - AlgoSec Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder. "When migrating from one platform to another, especially when their interfaces and configuration language options are different, as is the case with PIX and ASA, it can be very daunting for organizations to ensure a smooth transition."

"At AlgoSec, we strive to provide enterprises the ability to intelligently automate what were until now manual functions." "Our migration solution for those enterprises moving from PIX to ASA does just that." "It provides enterprises a way to quickly and cost-effectively guarantee that the migration was as planned and maintain the integrity of their security policy."

AlgoSec firewall analyzer summary page:

AlgoSec firewall analyzer summary page
According to AlgoSec, the screenshot above of the AlgoSec firewall analyzer summary page is displaying the risks identified during the analysis. Risks are color coded with red being the most severe and the numbers marking how many times that risk is present. Each risk has a link that drills down to the particular industry standard that identifies it as a risk and recommendations on how to remediate.

Standard by which risk is measured and how to remediate:

Standard by which risk is measured and how to remediate
According to AlgoSec, after clicking on the risk on the summary page the screenshot above displays the standard by which the risk is measured and how to remediate.

The actual rule associated with the risk:

The actual rule associated with the risk
According to AlgoSec,, the screenshot above delves even deeper, showing the actual rule associated with the risk to enable IT to remediate.

Overview comparing policies between PIX and ASA firewalls:

Overview comparing policies between PIX and ASA firewalls
According to AlgoSec, the screenshot above is an overview comparing policies between two firewalls, a PIX and ASA firewall. It provides an overview with everything being a hyperlink that you can drill down to. It details which firewalls, IP addresses, number of rules, services and hosts (for example) and provides an automatically generated network connectivity diagrams for the two firewalls. Additionally, it shows at the top the amount of traffic, definitions and topology and how many risks you are exposed to. Keep in mind that because it is a hyperlink, if you are interested in seeing the risks you can click and drill down and receive guidance on remediation. Restating once again according to AlgoSec, the above screenshot is an overview because AlgoSec can also show if traffic is blocked when you compare old policy to new and what the other implications are.

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Don't YOU wish that the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) was your idea?

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