Podcast: SOA and Web Services, But BizTalk?

On the latest installment of the Converging On Microsoft podcast, Donald Lutz, CTO of Technetronic Solutions (one of a number of companies I advise), joins me to talk about building .Net applications using a SOA-based architecture and moving apps to the Software+Services model. Donald shares his views about building SOA and cloud services that don't look like typical applications. BizTalk isn't something we hear Microsoft talking about as much but it is a vital element of SOA and distributed cloud applications. If you are architecting or building SOA-based applications, you'll find this interview very interesting.

So just what are Microsoft's plans for BizTalk? Microsoft's expanded BizTalk to BizTalk Services, exposing services that live behind a firewall, across network boundaries or in the cloud itself. BizTalk has also been expanded with identity and workflow services. Gartner recently put Microsoft in the Leaders Quadrant of the B2B Gateway Magic Quadrant. But BizTalk didn't play center stage at MIX08 to the degree it did at MIX07. How to effectively use an enterprise services bus like BizTalk can be somewhat of an enigma even to many of the internal Microsoft people I talk with.

The developer story aspect of Microsoft's online services and cloud initiatives hasn't really been unfolded by Ray Ozzie quite yet. I expect a lot of the announcements we will hear through the end of 2008 will pertain to development tools, frameworks and capabilities for creating cloud and Software+Services. And SOA-based architectures and ESBs like BizTalk are very important skills any architect or developer should have who's considering building applications and services for the cloud, which is why I'll be focusing more on this in upcoming podcasts.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the podcast.


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