Windows Vista Snipping Tool: Great tool that is greatly underestimated

When we talk about tools to make technology better we often overlook what is right under our noses. I have been working with Windows Vista since the early Beta stages. I have written articles about the user battle that seems to be raging between Windows XP and Vista . I have even had the privilege of being named a Windows Vista Master in Que Publishing’s Tricks of the Windows Vista Masters by J. Peter Bruzzese. What is the point of all my ranting, it is not to qualify my credentials (I think you all know me by now). Rather it is to make a point. Sometimes no matter how immersed you are in something you still can miss what is right in front of your face. The one tool I have been using more than any other probably since I started with Windows Vista in 2006 is the Snipping tool. Now it is easy for the snipping tool to be overlooked. After all, it does not have an incredible amount of features. Basically, Vista’s Snipping Tool consists of what I would call pre & post snip menus. In the pre snip mode, you have the choice of 4 “snips” Free form, Windows, Rectangular & Full-screen. You can also cancel the screen capture and set Application and selection options. In the post snip mode, you have several options for your new screen capture. You can of course create a new snip, save it, email the capture (as an attachment or in the body of the message), annotate the snip using the pen, highlighter or eraser tools. Of course, I am aware that is not the most full featured screen capture tool by a long shot. Nevertheless, give credit where credit is due. If you have Windows Vista and you need to do screen captures as often as I do (daily). Here is a tool that is one free, two already installed and three simple to use. The Windows Vista Snipping Tool is not the Wayne Gretzky or Mark Messier of Windows Utilities for sure. However, as any of those legends could tell you good support players like Doug Lidster and Kevin Todd are just as important as stars to win the big game. Okay the analogy obviously let’s you know I’m a huge hockey fan. I think you get my point Vista’s Snipping Tool is a great addition that is probably often overlooked. What is your opinion? Do you use this tool often without even thinking about it much like me? Do you have another tool that you think is so great it’s worth foregoing Vista’s Snipping Tool. Let me know, I would love to see some comments on this one. After all sharing is how we all make our world… A Better Windows World. Recent Posts Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder: Tips & Tricks A Better Windows World: On the Radio Clash of the Titans: Microsoft and Sun spar over HYPER-V

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